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Pharmaceutical industry

Whether what is concerned is the adherence to space conditions and laboratory guidelines or the avoidance of cross-contamination: we also attach particular importance to the safety of a particularly stable technology. And we always accommodate this in a space-saving manner.

We provide reliable answers to central questions such as:

  • Can GMP/FDA guidelines be reliably met?
  • How can the failsafe system be guaranteed or optimized?
  • What developments in operating expenses are to be expected over the long term?
  • Does ALBRECHT guarantee completion within the deadline?
  • Can subsequent desires be quickly worked in without a great deal of bureaucracy?
  • Which software is used?
  • Is it possible to also use the CAD data after the completion of the building project?
  • Does ALBRECHT have benchmarks for this project?

We will be glad to answer your questions in a personal discussion.
You can reach us by phone at +49 (0)8261 / 76 89 - 0 

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