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Logistics construction

ALBRECHT can offer you both the technology and the experience to make optimal use of the existing space. In so doing, we place the greatest value on maintaining the required warehouse conditions.

We are pleased to offer you support with these and other topics:

  • What will be the range of the operating expenses that arise?
  • By what means can the failsafe operation of the technology that is employed be guaranteed, and how can it be improved even further?
  • What variations of material transport are there (such as a driverless transport system, traceability of the products, etc.) and which ones are ideal for the problem that is to be solved?
  • How can the entries into and exits from the warehouse be most sensibly arranged with regard to the adherence to the conditions of space?
  • Does the hall require proof of compliance with energy saving ordinances?
  • How is accessibility to the building services ensured during maintenance work?

We will be glad to answer your questions in a personal discussion.
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