Areas that set
us apart

Core competencies

Detailed knowledge that has been gained over many years makes ALBRECHT a competent contact with the following special subjects:

Solutions for top technical quality buildings

We love the challenge: finding a lasting, workable total concept for buildings with a great technical demand is one of our particular strengths.

3-D models and crash tests

Our expert employees have the special knowledge to advise you in depth with the remedying of collisions and to give you informed support in implementation.

Efficient IT operations

Our project-specific method of operation guarantees not only the highest level of confidentiality, but also the problem-free management of large quantities of data.  Our own Internet-based platforms make access possible for all project partners as well as a real-time presentation of the project data.

Thermodynamic building simulation and fluid dynamic simulation

With simulations, the profitability is weighed out for the clients.  Services include the run as well as the precise evaluation of the results.

Lifecycle management

With the completion of the project, ALBRECHT places great value upon a method of operation that crosses the boundaries of individual sectors. This includes more than just the integration of technology and architecture. As early as the design stage, we are already taking into account the future requirements of the building and considering the different lifecycles.

Clean room technology

ALBRECHT delivers complete solutions for clean rooms of all classes of good manufacturing practices (GMP), of course in conformance with the pharmaceutical regulations in force (such as those of the FDA, EU, or PAL). Take advantage of our special knowledge and our many years of experience in the sectors of pharmaceuticals, diagnostics, food, and microelectronics.

Laboratory solutions

A detailed needs assessment provides the necessary basis for developing a laboratory layout that is ideal for your requirements. That means optimized work routines as well as cost-efficient laboratory furnishing and laboratory technology from a single source.

Energy efficiency

With ALBRECHT, you are in the best hands for all matters concerning energy efficiency, no matter how different or challenging they may be. We work out the best solution for each client, project by project.

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