Process planning - Laboratory planning - Qualification

Regardless of the type of manufacturing process, whether solid, liquid, non-sterile or sterile – we plan all installations, CIP/SIP systems and required process-related media for you, including all necessary additional considerations. In addition, we also coordinate the qualification of your installations.

Our expertise at a glance


  • Process equipment such as batching systems, filling lines, packaging systems
  • High-purity media
  • Interior work in pharmaceutical buildings
  • Monitoring


  • Microbiology
  • Analytics
  • Research and development
  • Special laboratories


  • Qualification master plan
  • Risk analysis
  • Design qualification
  • Installation qualification
  • Function qualification

Process planning

We determine the requirements resulting from your process and use them to develop an individual plant concept that fits optimally into your operation.

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  • Dosage forms: solid, semi-solid and liquid, sterile and non-sterile, highly potent substances
  • Batching systems
  • Cleaning systems (CIP/SIP)
  • Filling/tableting
  • Primary packaging
  • Secondary packaging
  • Freeze-drying
Food industry equipment close-up. Milk processing

high purity media - water, gases, steam

  • Ultra-pure water
  • Ultra-pure steam
  • Ultra-pure gas

interior work in pharmaceutical buildings

  • Ceilings: strip grid systems / clip-in systems
  • Walls: shell construction / sandwich construction / glass
  • Floors: pharmaceutical terrazzo / epoxy resin / PVC / rubber
  • Air-locks: air-lock equipment / inward/outward transfer
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  • Room monitoring: pressure, temperature, humidity, particles
  • Process monitoring

Laboratory planning

ALBRECHT has extensive know-how in planning a wide variety of laboratory types. Whether research and development, microbiology, analytics or special laboratories: We know the requirements for the respective laboratory type, enabling us to provide you with professional support in layout and development planning as well as in device and equipment planning.

Layout and development planning

  • Layout development / space requirements
  • Development of system types and standards
  • Media consumptions and concurrencies
  • Tendering and awarding

Devices and equipment planning

  • Processes and workflows
  • Technical specifications
  • Request for proposal
  • Integration in laboratory equipment planning


Our qualification is based on the well-known V-model. We cover all areas from preparing the qualification master plan and the risk analysis to design qualification, installation and operational qualification.

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